Praise Will Get Me Through!

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Bible, God, Joy, Love, Peace

How much do you like to praise the Lord? Are you supposed to praise the Lord just on Wednesday night services and Sunday morning services? Some may think so… the answer is… we need to praise the Lord always. Our lives need to be a demonstration of praise. Praise is not just with music that you like!

 There are some people out there that will not worship the Lord unless a certain song is sung. If this is you, then let me suggest to you that you will miss out on the greatest things that God has for you that day! If you make praise a daily thing that you do, you will find that you will begin praising as soon as you wake up. Praise is what will get you through your day whether good or bad. Praise is not just something we do when we attend our church services, it is a lifestyle. Praise is a choice. Just like your lifestyle is a choice, praise is the same thing. It’s a choice.

I really enjoyed reading what the Apostle Paul had to say about praise. If you will read this scripture from the 3rd chapter of Philippians verse 1 you will see here what Paul is saying. Philippians 3:1 (AMP) FOR THE rest, my brethren, delight yourselves in the Lord and continue to rejoice that you are in Him. To keep writing to you [over and over] of the same things is not irksome to me, and it is [a precaution] for your safety.

So many Christians forget who they are and where they belong. We are Christ’s, we are the anointed people of God. So continue to rejoice in Him. The Lord is your refuge and Joy. Jesus will be your Strong Tower. He will never fall down and He will never leave you. Praise the Lord all you people of God! Praise Him from the roof tops, along the highways and byways, praise Him in the city and in your homes, praise him on the streets and at the supermarkets. Praise the Lord always! Why? I don’t think God cares about me! I don’t think he has heard my cry! Some of you may be going through this right now. You may have said this or your saying it now. OK… then STOP IT! What do you have to lose if you start to praise Him now? NOTHING! What will happen is that your joy will become full.

The only way to get out of the miry clay is to declare the Lord is good! Declare it now! I remember as I was jogging how things seemed to be getting harder. I was looking at how hard it seemed to run an extra mile today and how I did not have enough time to do all the things I needed to do. So in that instance, I began to praise the Lord. I know that I seemed weird to others around me but I also knew that God gave me the extra strength to persevere. I began to praise Him and before I knew it I had run that extra mile and was heading for another. Time began to slip by and my day became better. The things I needed to get done that day were all achieved and God really blessed me!

Praise really keeps you safe as well. Safe from what? Safe from the enemy (satan). Why? Because when you praise, praise will take you into the throne room of God. The throne room of God is where you belong. We sing a song and in this song it says “here we go, let’s go to the throne a place where we belong right into His arms.” Sing it, chant it, speak it, believe it, and shout it!  Nothing that is natural or satanic can touch you there! So PRAISE THE LORD!

Here is some of the words that I use: Lord be magnified, You are awesome, You are victorious, You are mighty, I worship You my Lord, my Peace, my Joy, my Reward, my Love, You are Worthy, You are Glorified, I will praise You…ETC

May God Bless You and pour out His Favor on YOU!

  1. Beth Davis says:

    Pastor, This is great! I can’t stop praising His name. God is really doing something in me right now…He is speaking to me, using me, lifting me…and I can’t stop praising Him. I feel that He is speaking deeply into my heart, addressing all of my concerns, fears, and disspelling them with His Word
    The thing is, I perceive He is wanting to do this with everyone. I know this sounds trite, but He is truly waiting on us, not us waiting on Him.
    As we have been welcoming Him into our service He is there, and doing all He wants to.

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