Posted: December 7, 2009 in Bible, God, Joy, Love

Good afternoon, 

Today I would like to talk to you about being blessed and not being Poverty bound. Many of us have taken trips out-of-state or to a big city… so, could I assume that you were bound, meaning you were off on a trip. Many people have used this term to say they were Disney bound or Florida Bound or Texas Bound…ETC. I think you got the hint. 

There are many people who are taking trips or have taken trips this year. Unfortunately some are going down the wrong road. Maybe this is you… 

There is a great scripture in Proverbs 6:10-11 

 10Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: 11So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an armed man. 

We do need to get rest. We do need to receive rest in the Lord. Some of us are going, going, going but we are not praying, praying, praying and the Bible tells us that much poverty will come on us like one that travels. Have you ever traveled somewhere and once you get home you think if I could just get some rest from all this traveling. I can tell you I have been through this at times and I needed to get myself back in order. We tend to fill our days, weeks, months and years with going and not enough praying and seeking after God. We need to be prayer bound and not life bound. I am not saying you should not work or work hard but I am saying look at your priorities. What has been your priority? Who has been your priority? When we make the things of this world a first priority we will be poverty bound. Looking to the world to fix or help us will take us to a wrong road and this road is definitely dark. 

So how do I fix it? The first thing I would do is start reading my Bible and then start praying for others. Most people start to pray for themselves, but let me encourage you to start praying for others and then pray for yourself last. Pray for your loved ones and then for your Pastors and friends. Be heaven bound and lift up others and yourself. Seek God by asking Him, what can I do for You today. Be in prayer everyday and throughout your day. Make time and God will show you new things and you will be able to keep poverty from coming in and stealing away from you.Be Blessed!

  1. Veronica Oliva Pacheco says:

    Really likes this!

  2. Beth Davis says:

    Thanks for this good word Pastor. Dad has been talking to me a lot about praying for others lately.

    Also, I have been reading the Word daily and God is truly changing the way I think because of it.


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