Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures

Posted: January 8, 2010 in Bible, God, Joy, Love, Peace

Good Morning All,

This topic that we will talk briefly about is really critical in our world. This topic is critical for every believer. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is not meant to look at how the world will do something. This is meant for what the believer is going to do in the world.

How desperate are you for God to do something in your life? How desperate are you for God to answer you? What are you willing to do? What are you willing to give up? What will your focus be on? I would like us to look at 2 sinful women that were sisters. These 2 young women were desperate to give birth to babies and multiply on the earth. If you know who I am talking about, you know that these were Lot’s daughters. Let’s look and see…

Genesis 19:31-36 (Amplified Bible)

31The elder said to the younger, Our father is aging, and there is not a man on earth to live with us in the customary way.32Come, let us make our father drunk with wine, and we will lie with him, so that we may preserve offspring (our race) through our father.33And they made their father drunk with wine that night, and the older went in and lay with her father; and he was not aware of it when she lay down or when she arose.34Then the next day the firstborn said to the younger, See here, I lay last night with my father; let us make him drunk with wine tonight also, and then you go in and lie with him, so that we may preserve offspring (our race) through our father.35And they made their father drunk with wine again that night, and the younger arose and lay with him; and he was not aware of it when she lay down or when she arose. 36Thus both the daughters of Lot were with child by their father.

These two women were desperate. Out of their desperation came great sin into the earth again. See they were rescued from Sodom and Gomorrah. Men did not want to be women in those city’s. These men wanted to be with men. God destroyed those city’s and these young women did not think that they would have any man to marry them or truly love them. So they became desperate and chose out of their desperation death and sin. These women did not seek the Father for instructions or directions. So where am I going with this?

In the midst of your problems or in the midst of desperation, seek God first. The bible says in Matthew 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Your desperation can not be based on the worlds way if you want a godly answer. Man will fail you, but God can not fail you. For God to fail, would mean that He is a liar. You should know that when you choose God, He will not fail you and He cannot lie.

I remember just about 8 years ago that I was desperate for the hand of God in my life and ministry. I had just quit my full-time job and was working a part-time job. I was getting ready to launch my computer repair business  and out of the blue the I.T. business failed in the job market. Now what was I going to do? I talked with God about leaving my old business and I was told by God that it was ok to quit, so I did and now look where I was. I was jobless! I began looking online for I.T. jobs but none were found and I was at a place I had never been before… JOBLESS. Talk about crazy! I began to listen to my Pastor and he began to speak into my life and share things with me. He asked the church to go on a fast and so we did and nothing changed except my pants size… What was I going to do? How would we make it. I had a little boy at home that needed diapers and food and only God knew. So I began to study the Word of God and I dove deeply into the Word and began to meditate on it day and night. God met every one of my needs and my family’s needs. I became desperate and sought the face of God. After 21 months I started a business that was slow but began to prosper. God richly blessed me!

 Do not be complacent so that you have to be desperate. Stay desperate for Him and expect to hear from the Lord. Expect Him to pull you through and keep seeking after Him. Follow His directions and not the worlds directions. The worlds directions will get you lost and frustrated. The worlds directions will cause you to fail. God’s directions will keep you safe, sound and full of Joy. God’s directions will cause you to succeed!

Matthew 7:7-8 (Amplified Bible)

7[a]Keep on asking and it will be given you; [b] keep on seeking and you will find; [c]keep on knocking [reverently] and [the door] will be opened to you.

    8For everyone who keeps on asking receives; and he who keeps on seeking finds; and to him who keeps on knocking, [the door] will be opened.

Be blessed!

I am Blessed and Highly Favored!

  1. Nikki Brackett says:

    Dearest Pastor & Church Family,

    Boy! I feel like we are all on the adventure of a life time while following the LORD. All though he has promised us a safe landing at the end of our journey. I have learned by trial and error that when you don’t know what to do. Then do nothing and wait on the LORD.

    Have a blessed day,
    Love In Christ

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