On Track with God

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Bible, God, Joy, Love, Peace

Good Afternoon,

Psalm 17:5 (New Living Translation)

 5 My steps have stayed on your path;
      I have not wavered from following you.

This was one the of the Psalms I read when I was running the Houston Marathon yesterday. This Psalm spoke to me as a Christian man. I was running a big race that most people will not attempt or will feel like they can do. Let me suggest to you that you can run a big race like this at anytime in your life. As I was running I was thinking about how my steps needed to stay on the right path. If I did not stay on the right path I would have been disqualified and I would have been lost.

When I was a kid I did not listen to my parents the way most kids would. I was quite rebellious and I always wanted to learn by pushing the envelope. I took some wrong paths in my life and found myself having to back track or having to make up a new route. Everytime I made a new route I would find myself further lost. When I stopped and looked to Jesus, He would put me right back on course. Sometimes on this course I would try to run very fast and find myself hurt, tired, defeated and upset. When I started to pace myself in this Christian walk, is when things started to line up and become easier. I am not saying everything is perfect but it is so much smoother when I walk or run on the right path and when I keep the right pace.

When we say that we will follow the Lord, and not deviate from the path is when our life will get better and sweeter. God has a path for everyone, it is up to us if we are going to follow it or go against the grain. Everyone is in a race today, it just depends on who you are running after and who you are running too. I want the people who follow me, to follow me to Jesus. I want the path that I lead to show the benefits of following a Lord and Savior. As Christians every one of us should be able to show others the proper path to the Lord.

What does your path look like? Should you change your direction? Have people come to know Jesus because you are following hard after Him? Is your path right or should you repent and ask God to get you back on track? The path that you are running, does it show Jesus to a dying world or does it show a poor testimony?

Keep your testimony pure and expect God to bless you. Negate from your path and you will teach others that Christians don’t mean what they say. Show the Love of God to a dying world. Encourage others to stay on the proper path. I urge you to stay on the proper path and that you run and not grow weary, walk and you shall not faint for the Lord who goes before you, shall be your joy and your strength. Live Strong for the Lord and diligently seek Him. He will reward you! Walk by faith and not by sight. If you were to live by sight the path might scare you into believing you can’t do it. You can do it. Those are the words I heard all day long yesterday. For 5 long hours I heard, “You can do it, Philip!” You know what, I believed it and I accomplished what I expected to do.

Be Blessed!


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