Not just a Receiver but a Believer

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Bible, God, Love
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“Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.”- Romans 15:7

The Bible says to receive one another the same way that Christ has received us. The church body needs to cease and desist from destroying others while in their path. True love always gives to benefit the One True Love. God is the One True Love. The same way that Christ has received you to the Glory of God is the same way we need to receive others. When was the last time that you were offended by a person? Did you receive them or did you despise them? What was your relationship to the other person? Was the other person a Christian?

Think about your actions… If you walked in offense to them, then you, yourself did not receive them. If you did not forgive them and continued to be mad at them, then you also have judged them and their offense against you is retained unto you. Parents think about how you have received a gift from above. Your children came into the world and you received them into your arms. This same way the Father has received you through Jesus. Christians of this world remember at one point you were not a Christian and you needed to receive Jesus and He let you come to Him no matter how much evil you have done. Jesus let you come to Him and receive Him no matter how much sin you committed. So why are Christians that are supposed to be receivers not receiving the other Christians who are brothers and sisters in Christ. Why are the Christians not receiving the unloved and the people of the world?

One simple answer is this… We have walked away from our First Love! We have become stale in our worship, lethargic in our daily reading of the Bible, apathetic in our prayer life and we have fallen prey to “life as the norm.” In order to be a good receiver we need to get back to our first love. Time as we know it has become shorter and we will soon see the King!

Don’t let the world or its ways get to you! Go into the world and give them Jesus. Go to your brothers and sisters in the Lord and receive them. Thanksgiving could be too late and so could Christmas. Don’t wait for the Holidays to do something… Do something now. Choose to receive people no matter what. It may not be easy but it is required. Look at the scripture above. This is a command! Choose to love. If you choose to receive others than WHO you truly believe in will be the truth. God is the truth and His Son, Jesus is the Truth and the Holy Spirit it the truth.

John 8:32
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Be free today and receive.

Blessings Pastor Philip Roman

  1. Anna Coronado says:

    Love this. I have shared this encouraging Word with others. Couldn’t have been shared at a more perfect time. Thank you for the blessings ….praise God.

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