“Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation.”- Psalm 62:1


So they say patience is a virtue. So, what does virtue mean? Virtue is a trait or quality deemed to be morally excellent and thus is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being. So, virtue is a trait or quality of moral excellence. When we look at patience we can see that it is morally excellent. It’s valued as a foundation principle. Waiting is about staying in a certain place or delaying an action.

We know David said his soul waits upon the Lord. God was David’s source. David did not want to move without instruction. Many times we jump out into something without truly talking to the Lord. We jump out into something without getting the instructions. I have found in my life that I have started something that I could not finish because I did not hear the voice of the Lord tell me to do it. Now, He does give us grace but we are not supposed to use grace as an excuse to do something without talking to God first.

Many times I have heard it said that men are given instructions but they will not look at them and they will just start moving on the project without consulting the instruction guide. Well we can’t believe that this is true, because, if it were the truth then we would not have large buildings, houses, and aircrafts…etc.

Most everything in life has a blueprint. After all God created man by drawing in the dirt. We too can do great things but we must wait on the Lord. I believe our biggest problem today is that we want it hot, we want it right, and we want it now. This type of Microwave society will get us nothing good. Why? Because when things are rushed we create Ishmael’s. We need to wait on the Lord so we can have the right blueprints and get the right instructions to doing everything right. It’s when we try to think for God and act like Abraham and Sarah, when we cause trouble for the here and now and also for the future.

Abraham listened to his wife and took Hagar to have a son for Sarah. God told Abraham that he would have a seed, (child), but it was going to happen through Sarah. When we listen to others instead of God we end up pre-birthing something that we will have to pay for later on in life. Stop, ask, seek, and knock on the doors to God’s house. He will open the door and tell you great and marvelous things. Seek Him first and the instructions will be perfect. Have patience and endure. Really, have faith in God and your patience will come. Have faith in yourself and others and your patience will not be perfected.

Do you really care about what God wants you to do? If you do, then you need to wait on the Lord with patience. God will give you an answer, and when He does, then move forward and do it. God wants His people blessed! He is our source but we must wait upon the Lord.

Be Blessed!

Pastor Philip Roman

Love Walk Christian Center


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