James 1:2-3
My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;3Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.


We need to start counting up our Joy. God has given us joy. When I say we need to count up our joy we need to remember what we have right now. God will not leave you hanging. God loves you greatly. Your faith in God will prevail against anything and any situation. I know for myself if my faith is not tried then I might be getting lazy. I know my joy gets challenged everyday, but everyday I prevail.

It’s not joyous to go through trials but when you can remember to count all your joy you will prevail against your trial. I believe when we focus on the problem it gets us disgusted and grieves us. The enemy loves it when you focus on your trials because that means you can’t focus on your joy. Start remembering what gives you joy and remembering who brings this joy.

God is the joy giver and He gives His joy liberally. Stop focusing on the problems and start focusing on the answer and you will see your joy come right back. Joy is not based on emotions. Emotions are fickle and that means that they are temporary. If you look at your situation that you may be going through, it is temporary. God is still on the move and He will get you through this temporary issue. Start counting it all joy today! God is your answer and joy is what will put you over top. Don’t forget that you need to take your faith and mix it with joy. Start today!

Prayer: Father God I just lift up all those people who are hurting today. I lift up the ones that feel weak and feel like they don’t have any joy. I bind them to joy and peace this moment. I thank you Father for the many blessings and how you help us through our day. You are our life and strong tower. You turn our mourning into joy and laughter. Satan you have no authority in Jesus name and I rebuke you and bind you from stealing joy from God’s people. God’s people… Be loosed from all that is hindering you and keeping you back from receiving your joy this day!


I Love You All,

Pastor Philip Roman

Love Walk Christian Center

  1. Brenda Brantley says:

    A word in season. I receive my Joy!

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