Psalm 98:4
Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.


Let the earth rejoice and make a joyful noise. This scripture speaks to me that I am to make a loud noise and rejoice. There seems to be a lot of craziness in the world today. With all this craziness, we need to shout and make a loud noise and rejoice. Christmas is almost here and we are just 24 days away from celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth. You may feel as if you don’t have anything to rejoice over. I must say that you do have something to rejoice over. Jesus the Christ was born to give you and I new life and a life that is to be lived out through Praising, Thanksgiving, Rejoicing, and Blessing the Father. We can’t sit back any longer. We as Christians need to stand up and rejoice. We need to shake off those heavy bands and lift up holy hands and praise His wonderful name.

A couple of years after I gave my life to the Lord I had experienced some really tough times. I felt like I was a loser and that nobody really cared about me. I was having a pity party! My job was terrible and the man I worked for hated me. I was about to get married and I was struggling inside. I felt as if I was going to freak out! I could not find myself rejoicing about anything. Here I am on the praise and worship team and I can’t find myself rejoicing and praising God. I felt ashamed of myself! I was a leader and I really felt like I had no clue in what to do. I felt all alone and that I was the only one who has ever gone through something like this. I was finding myself depressed and wondering what God wanted to do with me. I was talking to God but every time I did it seemed to no avail. I felt as if God moved away. This depression lasted a long time. I was only married for two and half months when I got hurt on the job. Here I am now on workman’s comp. My pay got cut to 1/3 the normal salary I brought home and here I was only married for a short time. How was I going to pay the bills and how were we going to make it. The thoughts that were going through my mind was that God had abandoned me.

My Dad and Mom and Father-in-law and Mother-in-law began to speak encouraging words to me and my Father-in-law would not leave me alone. He kept telling me I just needed to speak the word and rejoice in the Lord. I really did not want to hear that because a pity party seemed better. The enemy was having a hay day with me and eating my lunch so to say. My Father-in-law kept telling me to rejoice. He kept telling me the same thing over and over again. I thought he had gone mad. In fact I remember sitting in his car and he told me to have a laugh with him. I thought this man is crazy and he was supposed to be my father-in-law. What kind of family did I marry into! My wifes dad was nuts! I resisted for a couple of minutes and he was belting out the laughter so loud and it sounded so funny, that the next thing I knew I was making a loud noise, I was laughing really hard and out of control. Imagine with me you driving down the road and these two men are laughing in the car next to you. You would have thought these guys have surely lost there minds. With all this going on my father-in-law said laugh at the devil and rejoice in the Lord. The only way to get through this hard time was to laugh at the devil and rejoice in the Lord. My father-in-law was inspiring me and uplifting me. He began to show me that I had a lot to be thankful for and that the devil was not my god. My God is worthy to be praised. My father-in-law has been more than just a dad but he has been a spiritual father. Someone who takes another under his wing and shares with them and encourages them and disciplines them.

Some months after I had that rejoicing session with my father-in-law. I found myself with a new job, making 5 times the amount a week then I had with the previous job. My boss was great to work for and I was very happy. My boss was not my manager! My true boss was God. I had more time with my lovely wife and I was a contributing factor to my families household needs.

Praise can do a lot for a person! So when you feel down and out. Pick your head up and look to the sky and begin to make a loud noise unto the Lord. Bless His wonderful name! Praise Him when it feels rough and praise Him when it is well. God did not forget where you live or where you are at. God loves you and He cares about you! God does not get joy out of your hurt. Turn all your mourning into joy and begin to laugh out loud today! Hey! Remember this, the devil gets joy out of you hurting, so do some damage to his kingdom by rejoicing in the Lord!


Jesus is Lord!

Pastor Philip Roman

Love Walk Christian Center


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