So Sow

Posted: February 3, 2012 in God
Isaiah 32:20

Amplified Bible (AMP)

20Happy and fortunate are you who cast your seed upon all waters [when the river overflows its banks; for the seed will sink into the mud and when the waters subside, the plant will spring up; you will find it after many days and reap an abundant harvest], you who safely send forth the ox and the donkey [to range freely].

You are called blessed IF you sow. The reason why you can be happy and fortunate is that when you sow, you will reap. This is one of the great laws that God has made. This law is not reversible. It is set in stone. Even the wicked can sow and reap a harvest. The law of seed, time and harvest applies to the whole earth not just to the Christian.

Sowing can be good seed or evil seed. The sower makes the determination of what seeds he will sow. Matthew 12:33 Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.

I like this Isaiah 32:20 verse because God has outlined where to sow seed. God did not say sow your seed in one place. Rather we can sow seed around all watered areas. Why? Because there is great ground and watered areas outside your four walls. Sowing seed requires time and patience. Receiving the fruit from the seed can be as fast as right now or it can take a while to grow. Here is the key… Fruit can only bear after it’s own kind!

So, when you bring your money seed to your church and you go and put that seed in the good ground you need to make sure you pray over it. You need to bless it. You need to speak life over it (The Word of God).

Quick story: I used to plant seeds for watermelons and squash. As soon as I had the seed in my hand I would pray over it. Then as I placed it in the ground I would bless it and tell it to grow. Every time I planted any seed I would get a great harvest. Why? Because I prayed over it before I released it. I blessed once I sowed it. I thanked God for my harvest and I did diligence in making sure my seeds had enough water and care.

Because I understand sowing and reaping in the natural. I began to apply this same principal to my money and other things I had. I began sowing seed money, seed vehicle, seed watch, seed suit, seed clothing of various types. Guess what started to happen? I started receiving everything that I sowed back in greater way. One time I sowed a really nice watch. About 3 months later I received 2 watches in the same day. I sowed a couple of suits and I received 4 suits. I sow money all the time. One time I sowed 10 dollars and the very next week I received a check for $1000.00. God told me to sow that whole $1000.00 and to believe for a hundredfold return on it. So I am still waiting on this one but” I believe, I receive.”

Start sowing your seed and watch God bless it and you to will bring in thirty fold, sixty fold, and a hundredfold. Place your seed near good water and make sure that it is good ground. Be Blessed!

Scripture Study: Mark 4:14-22


  1. Darin Adkins says:

    Awesome word Pastor Phil!!!
    You would think that knowing this, EVERY Christian would apply this principle to their lives but we all don’t. It takes Faith to believe that I’ll gain more by giving more. So for those who have to faith to sow God calls us “sowers” and a sower will always have seed which will continue the cycle of harvest in our lives because God continues to provide our seed.(2 Cor. 9:10) God Bless Man of God. We miss you and love you, Pastor Tara and the boys!!! (Adkins Fam)

  2. Paul says:

    powerful…what a principle, I saw a vise this morning of a baptist missinary couple I think it was in Mexico where they were martyred for their faith. My heart was touched. I thought Lord, I’m doing noting. Your blog helps me to pray that the seed they have sown with their lives, will be a harvest of lives others will see in the kindom..

    My brother many thanks for your post today.

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