The Reason for My Call

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Bible, Famous One, God, Love
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Romans 8:28

King James Version (KJV)

 28And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

The reason why He (God) called, is that He has a purpose for you. Ring, Ring, Ring are you going to answer it? Will you go per the instructions? This is what happened to me a little over four years ago. I was called to step off the ledge. I was called to a new place. While it looked crazy and almost too scary I had to go. Why? Because God called me according to His purpose. He had a place I needed to go. He wanted me to go somewhere, where I could not depend on family or friends. I had to take a step of faith. I had to leave to another state that I knew nothing about. I had to be the Pastor of a church I knew virtually nothing about. I did not even know the people. All that I have, is God’s Word, on what I needed to do. In one month I closed a five-year old business, packed my house, gathered my wife and children and left for a new state and new church. My faith in God was being stretched. I was driving knowing what state and city I was going to be in, but, there was the unknown about what I was going to do. I knew I was the Pastor but I still did not know the people. I had the vision but it was not known how I would get there. I had the vision years before I would leave. What I did not have, was the provision (money). God wanted me to stretch my faith. Faith is seeing what people call the invisible. It is stepping into the unknown. Faith is believing God even when it looks impossible. Faith is resting assure that God is in control. Faith is full of patience in the midst of a trial and tribulation. Faith in God will cause you to leap from the mountain top. Why? Because He called you for that purpose. You can’t have a testimony without having faith at work.

Instructions per the call will help you to accomplish the purpose. Many people are called but only a few will answer. You can’t screen godly calls because if you do, you will miss the blessing. Many people today screen calls because of being tired. They don’t want to answer because of what they may be asked to do. Let me say this to you… If you don’t pick up the call now, there will be that constant ringing that you will hear until you die. When you accepted Jesus you accepted the fact that He was going to call you. Listen to this analogy, its crude but truthful. Facebook a lot of people are on it. Someone on there sees your face and then they put in a friend request. It’s up to you to accept or deny. It’s them calling you and wanting to be part of your life. God when He calls, He is wanting to share his life with you. He wants you to help Him be known. He wants you to answer the call to make Him known. He wants you to talk highly about His Son. Many people say they want to fulfill God’s call for their life but they are either too busy, too tired, too selfish…ETC. God is calling you! He needs people for His purpose!

Answer the call today and watch how you will prosper in everything. Why? Because He called you for His purpose. He called you to do something and He knows you can fulfill it. His call on your life comes without repentance. He knows what He’s doing. When He called you, He knew what He was getting into. Let me encourage you with a portion more of my testimony… I am still at work with the vision and calling in my life. I decided over four years ago I would be the one who would answer the call. I decided, I would be faithful, even when it would cost me my reputation. I decided to answer, because, He said He would never leave me or forsake me. I answered because, He gave me a purpose. I am still working for His purpose and I am expectant everyday. I have had some hard days but my weeks, months and years have been great. God is doing great things in my life and in the life of my family and in the life of my church family. If I wouldn’t have stepped out, I would not have met the greatest people in the world (Houstonians). I would not be as blessed as I am today. I would not have the greatest church (Love Walk Christian Center) in the world and I would not be pleasing my God who called me for His purpose. Step up and step out, it’s the call God placed on your life.

Scripture Study: Romans 8:1-14

Be Blessed!

  1. Brenda says:

    I loved this blog, what an encouragement for the body of Christ to make the choice to answer the only call that matters both here and in eternity.

  2. Paul says:

    Powerful…. answering his call to pursue his purpose.. Like Abraham you looked for “that city.” and as you say put your faith to work…..and it does …. it works. Faith always works… I love the church name too “Love walk Christian center”…. your faith built a work when you worked your faith
    The Lord bless you Pastor Phil

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