Quick Note

Posted: September 4, 2012 in God

Fellow bloggers and readers. I am back after a small hiatus. I have been in school now for four years and I am finally going to graduate this October. It has been a long but fun road. I took time off to focus primarily on school and church. I was reading an average of 2 books per week and sometimes 3 books. Every book had an open book test and all the questions were essay type which means that I had to answer with an essay type answer. I finished school with an “A” and I can say that I am very excited and I am looking forward to participating in a different school come this new year in 2013. I will be going to flight school to earn my pilots license so I can go and spread the Gospel. Jesus had a boat, donkey and feet and I will have my car, feet, boat, ship and an airplane to help spread the Gospel around the world. Hey, I am ready to go big for the Gospel. Having a plane is part of my call and the vision the Lord gave me. I will start posting new devotion blogs starting tomorrow so be on the lookout for new material. Remember… You are the carrier of the blessing! Be Blessed!

  1. Beth Davis says:

    Congratulations Pastor!! I am very happy and excited for you! Multiple blessings on you!!

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