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Philippians 3:13

King James Version (KJV)

13 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,

Quite often I hear people talking about how they could have done things better. I often hear about yesterday’s event rather than what God is doing for someone now. Many people dwell in the past instead of the future. Many people talk about the old things and never get out of the past. It seems to me that people like to dwell in the past. We all have past memories and we can talk about the good times. Most people stay in the past though. They don’t even know how to talk about the here and now. Most people don’t know how to talk about good things. Most people talk about bad things.

Paul the Apostle talks about forgetting the things which are behind and reaching forth to the things ahead. His mind was on the prize of Jesus Christ. His mind was looking forward to the blessedness of being with the Lord.

The reason why people do not look ahead is… The have nothing to look forward to. They have nothing to press forward to. They don’t have a prize in life.

Here is an example… If your job says you will get a raise every three months, you will have a goal of looking ahead for that prize. Why? Because you will begin to aim at something. If you played sports like I did… I aimed at titles, championships, medals, and trophies. I aimed for the prize ahead. I would think about the glory of being number one. I would daydream about being the best. I would even dream of being the best.Why? Because I was reaching ahead.

While I play sports for recreation today I still find myself aiming for a prize and I find myself pressing ahead. Today as I Pastor I have a vision from God for our church. I am not striving but I am pressing ahead. I am looking forward to seeing the vision fulfilled. Everyday I have to remind myself of what I have. I have to remind myself of why I have been moved to Houston, Texas. Everyday I am excited about what my day will hold for me. I choose what kind of day I am going to have. I make a choice and stand behind it. So what if something comes up! I can still have a good day. Why? Because I am pressing ahead. If you’re not moving forward, then you have backed up and will eventually crash. Why? Because you have lost your direction.

If you’re lacking vision for your life, let me introduce you to Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God. He was beaten and mocked for you. He received the cross of crucifixion for you. He died and rose again after three days. He showed himself to His disciples and many others. He did all of this because God the Father has a master plan for you to have a good life, for you to make eternity. Now it cost God everything so that you can have everything. He paid the price of sin with His Son. So if you would like to press ahead and get out of your past and get to a place of a vision for your life, repeat this prayer out loud and receive Jesus today.

Prayer: Jesus I ask you to come into my life and forgive me of all my sins. I denounce satan and all his works. I confess Jesus as my Lord and Savior. According to Romans 10:9-10 I believe with my heart and I confess with my mouth that Jesus died and rose again. Today I am a saved. Today I am counted as one of God’s children. I have entered into a new family and I am not ashamed. Thank you Lord for saving me. I pray this confession in Jesus’ name. Amen!

I know that my life changed when I decided to ask Jesus to be the Lord of my life. I still had problems, but I knew that I had a new life that would get better. I was frustrated of not knowing what to do in life. I was honestly mad and I needed direction. Everything changed the moment I confessed Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I just knew my life would get better because I was going to be used to bless the Lord. I had something that I could press ahead too. From this day forward you don’t have to look back at anything. You look forward and don’t let your past dictate your present and future.

Scripture Study: Romans 10:6-13

Be Blessed!


In The Past

Posted: May 31, 2012 in God, Help, Identity
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2 Corinthians 5:17

King James Version (KJV)

17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Are you in Christ Jesus? Are you a new creature? If you are, then stop trying to go back to your old life or lifestyle. As Christians we need to be reminded of who we are now and not who we were before Jesus. We can testify about what our old life was like before Christ but, we should not desire to go back to that old life. I get reminded about my past often! Sometimes the enemy will say “do you remember when you messed up?” Do you remember how this made you feel good? Do you remember how you failed? Do you remember this old sin and that old sin? My response is this… Devil, I don’t recall those old days because they are in my past. My past is forgiven me and I stand as the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. My response to the devil is also this… Devil, remember how you lost when Jesus went to the cross for me! Devil,  remember how the book of Revelation tells me that I have the Victory! Devil, remember that your under my feet? Devil, remember how I win by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of my testimony! I win and I remind the devil of who I am. I stand in Victory, not in my past.

Let the past be the past. Choose not to dwell there or roll play there. Yes, I have a past and most people do. However, I don’t let my past dictate my present or future. I am moving forward! God has made me a new creature and all the old deeds of my flesh are passed away. I stand forgiven always and I stand as the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

If you’re reading this and you’re not saved then this is the perfect opportunity for you to receive Jesus. This is a great opportunity to let go of your past and start moving forward. Jesus loves you and He wants you to be part of the family. Jesus is real and He died for you. So, if you would like to receive Jesus then repeat this prayer out loud…

Jesus, I want you to be the Lord of my life. I believe you died on the cross for me and my sins. I believe that you rose from the grave, ascended to Heaven and that you said you were coming back for me. I denounce my old life and I now receive the life of Christ. I receive the new life as a new creature. Amen!

If you have received Jesus as your Lord and Savior and you have been running from the Lord then it’s time for you to get back. Choose to repeat this… Father forgive me for running from you. Renew my life! I receive Your forgiveness and I will choose to stay on task. Amen!

If you have made one of these public confessions then respond by writing on this blog. We would love to hear from you. We love you all and we are expecting great things for you. We don’t want you to stay in the past but to move forward. God is on your side and Jesus is Lord!

Scripture Study: 2 Corinthians 6:11-18

Be Blessed!

Isaiah 43:18-19 (King James Version)


18Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.

19Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

God wants His people to move forward. Too many times the believer finds themselves going back to their old past. God does not want you to go there. The devil on the other hand wants you to walk in your old past. Believers you have been given the greatest opportunity to start over. Many people start over but find themselves back in the past. Like that old movie Back to the Future. We should not go backwards but forwards. We learned from that movie that these two men were trying to change their future by going back to the past. We as Christians cannot change our future by going back to our past. We change our future by pressing on and reaching forward.

In this scripture God is telling us not to remember the former things. Why? Because when we go backwards there tends to be lot’s of hurts and disappointments. God does not want His people to be discouraged but He wants us to be encouraged. God says in His Word that He will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth. So, when are we going to start seeing new things. In this scripture we need to look at the word NOW.

The word now is defined as, at the present time or moment. God wants to bless us now. He does not want us to dwell in the past or dream about the past. God wants to do something great now. The fact of the matter is that we tend to focus on the past instead of the here and now. When we focus on the current circumstances we tend to be negative. Change your mindset and decide to be positive. Change your speech and start speaking God’s Word.

If you have had a prophetic word spoken over you and you have not reminded yourself of that word, then go back and look for that prophetic word. God was speaking to you about what you are supposed to have now. What will you do with what God has given to you? Are you a blessed person? Do you know, God loves you so much that He does not want you to not remember your old past or your old ways? Do you know God loves you so much that He wants to do a new thing in you? Are you paying attention to your past or are you paying attention to the Word of God?

Sometimes I have to ask God for help, so that I will not dwell on my past. God wants to do great things in me and my church. God wants my ministry to prosper and be full of love. So when I start to feel down or look back to my old past,  I have to say, “No, devil, I will not dwell there!” God has forgiven me of my past and He is blessing me now at this present moment. Glory to God, Jesus is still alive. God’s not dead, He’s still alive and He is watching over me. You are a blessing to the Lord and He loves you. Walk in the present and be blessed. You’re not dead so act alive and be alive in Christ.


Blessed by the Best,

Pastor Philip Roman

Love Walk Christian Center