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Matthew 15:13

13But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.

Do you watch what you speak? Are you in the right place? Did God plant you somewhere, but you are still resisting? Does your plant have good fruit or are you a weedy bush that produces nasty stickers? Who are you? What do you look like?

The topic above is quite ironic. How can you have good plants and good weeds? You think you have good plants but if you were to look closely you might find that your good plants are really just good weeds. Weeds are not good! Look at your words! Your words are very powerful! They can produce good plants that are fruitful and become a blessing or your words can be like good weeds that keep everyone away. A good plant is a blessing and looks beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. The weed looks nasty on the outside and if you look closely you can see a matted nest on the inside. Think of tumbleweeds… They are a tumbling ball of mess. Our words can either be beautiful and cause blessings to occur or our words can be like a jumbled mess of weeds.

In the above scripture, I really like Jesus’ response to His disciples… Jesus responds to their question about how the Pharisees were offended at His saying. We see here that the Pharisees were offended because of their rituals and their traditions of man. They wanted the Disciples to wash their hands because of tradition. Jesus explains in the following scriptures that it is not about what you take into your mouth that defiles a man, rather it is what comes out of your mouth (Matthew 15:18) Your mouth and your heart work synonymously with each other. If your heart is full of weeds then you will produce nothing but weeds. If your heart is full of blessings then you will produce great plants that are full of fruit. Every plant that the Father does not plant will be uprooted. This is not an excuse to go and be a weedy person or to go and speak evil words. We must cleanup our words and start speaking with authority like Jesus.

If we are wanting to see the best from God then we need to start speaking God’s Word. We need to pray the Word of God and not just follow traditions. Traditions of man is just “Genetically Altered Religion.” We know the Pharisees were altered by their ideologies! So if you want to start being successful and blessed, then you need to start watching what you are speaking. If you produce out of self then the Father will uproot. If you produce out of God then it shall be rooted deep in good soil. Change your heart first and your words will be changed as well. Choose to love God first and your words will become words of love.


In His Grip,

Pastor Philip Roman

Love Walk Christian Center