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1 Corinthians 12:5-6

King James Version (KJV)

And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord.And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.

God’s plan and desire is for all of us to work together. Those who are denominational and non-denominational. God did not design denominations. I know this is going to make someone offended. I will not apologize for one reason. You do not see denominations in the Word of God. Man’s way to keep order and design. The problem with this is that God’s Word does not need man to create order and design. God’s Word has order and design!

The biggest problems with denominations is that it causes separation. Denominations are what keep Christians apart from one another. Some may talk in other tongues and some may worship without instruments… Who cares! Jesus is not coming back for a denomination. He is coming back for His Church. If you have received Jesus then you are part of the Church. You’re part of a family.

I have preached in all types of denominational churches yet there is definitely one thing we all have in common. Jesus!  If we all started to work together how powerful would the Church be? If we were to all get along despite the denominational lines we could see a greater revival. We would see the USA changed. We would see our churches full every mid-week service and every Sunday service. There are differences in administrations but the Lord is the same. We can also have diverse operations but there is only one God who works in us all.

Look to fellowship with people outside of your denomination and expect to be encouraged and challenged. Expect to work together and see your community changed. If the denominations would work together instead of fighting we could make a change in our government, schools, communities and churches. If our church people would see us working with other denominations then they would happily work with us. As the king is so will the kingdom be. Let’s be kingdom minded and seek people like God sought you and I. Be different from the world. The world knows how to separate but the Church should know how to be united.

Scripture Study: Psalm 133

Be Blessed!


John 8:12

King James Version (KJV)

 12Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

There are relationships and acquaintances. Relationships are ones that take two or more people to work together. Relationships are meant to get to know one another. Relationships use the word know. Know, at the deepest definition of the word is intimacy. With an acquaintance you will not have true intimacy. True intimacy is one who will walk with you through the hard or good times. True intimacy will always keep you in the light.

What is your relationship with God the Father like? Are you on a one on one knowledge of Him? Do you know Him? I ask this because, I hear people talk about God like they know Him but I don’t see the relationship. I hear them say hallelujah but don’t see them persevering. I hear them quote scripture but I don’t see the results. Why? Because some people only have God as an acquaintance and not as a relationship.

Jesus said in John 8:12 that He is the light and if you follow Him you will not be in the dark. To walk in the light of life you must have a relationship with the one who is the light of life. A real relationship is built on trust and unity. Life is not always easy but that does not mean you have to live in the dark. Spend time with the Lord and get to know Him. He will keep you in the light of life. He will help you to build that trusting relationship with Him. God the Father, Jesus the Son, Holy Spirit our Comforter all work together as one. But all require a relationship of unity. If the Three in One did not work together then they would not be able to show us a relationship that is bound.

Remember it takes two to start a relationship. Relationships are meant to last for eternity. If you want your relationships to last, you should make sure your relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are on point. Develop your relationship with the Lord first and watch your other relationships develop into godly relationships. Remember relationships are built on trust and know. Know the difference between a relationship and an acquaintance. Relationships are ones that are always giving and receiving. Love is the true and solid ground. Acquaintanceship can give but for the most part, it’s about taking. It not all about receiving. Receiving is about giving without regard. Taking is about my needs only and not caring about others.

If you don’t feel like you have a good relationship with God, start today, it’s never too late. He desires for you to have an intimate relationship with Him. Get to know your Father God, you’ll be glad you did!

Scripture Study: John 8:12-19

Be Blessed!